brkt: chat on project sites nov 20

November 23, 2008

back to bracket:
12:04 PM worth playing with for projected populations:
(select cities, and then a country or multiple countries)
12:08 PM so i think we plot cities from that list over this map:
12:09 PM and then we figure out something about airborne moisture (fog)
and there it is
site selection
12:10 PM might collate this plus what we’ve gone over later on mammoth
me: which could make a beautiful introductory map
Rob: exactly

Rob: posted: cities under consideration, drawing one
i might leave a summary of the project direction up to you
2:06 PM unless i get amibitious today/tomorrow
2:09 PM me: nah, id like to give it a shot if thats alright
can you wait until the weekend for it?
2:10 PM Rob: for sure
its a busy weekend
2:11 PM and thursday night and friday
so it will be no problem to wait
me: cool, ill go through todays chats and get something together
Rob: sounds good
me: im amped
Rob: this city i posted… its ill
me: this project is going to be a lot of fun
Rob: google around it a bit if you need a break from portfolio’ing
me: im going to take a look now
i can’t help myself
shitty figure but: “places where fog harvesting has been or can be implemented”
2:15 PM Rob: yeah
i think i see a couple dots just up the coast from mauritania
2:16 PM that page has a very good list of factors to consider in siting fog harvesting programs, as well
2:17 PM me: yeah
2:18 PM ill make sure and archive it
2:19 PM boo ya:“Fog+Water+Collection+System”+”W.+Canto+Vera”&ots=AHR3yi8N-W&sig=1rb4G_RwkaEKSwjpUfEf4ZvMoCE#PPP9,M1
check the table of contents
2:21 PM Rob: um
2:22 PM yes
coastal dew harvesting::fuck yes
2:23 PM i think i forgot to mention, but this city in mauritania is also suffering from … growing water shortages due to overdraw from its primary aquifer
a problem that is expected to intensify as the population grows
me: perfect
2:24 PM and the fact that its coastal zone floods…
[this is me drooling]
Rob: i’m not saying its THE one. but its definitely a prime candidate.
me: we just have to make sure there is significant fog, and i think we’ve found the perfect place
2:26 PM Rob: even if we’re happy with it… i think the drawing is still needed… as a catalog of places were the idea can be adapted and implemented
me: yeah for sure
we have to do our due diligence

that area — the senegal river delta — which is a bit south of the city — is gorgeous
the delta, the dunes…
2:44 PM Rob: for some unimaginably idiotic reason, i had not done that yet
me: ha
great stuff there
Rob: yeah
2:45 PM me: photomontage bait
there is our fog
2:46 PM Rob: yeah — i saw that one
me: its way on the east side of the city too, which is good
it can penetrate
2:47 PM Rob: yeah
2:48 PM i may be being a bit simplistic here, but i think it is very typical to have strong fog, at least at times, along most coastlines
2:50 PM me: yeah, but to make a dent in water issues we need it to be regular
2:53 PM Rob: what do you think these are?
2:55 PM me: not a clue
any idea?
Rob: i’m really not sure
vegetation, probably
but why gridded?
2:56 PM and why by the road?


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