brkt: luanda videos

November 28, 2008

has HQ version @ youtube


great, but skip the first 3:40


awesome, and HQ version @ youtube


this is probably enough for now, there are a ton more – especially ones from windows of hotels, and on taxis.

One Response to “brkt: luanda videos”

  1. eatingbark said

    ok, so i finally got around to watching these. excellent stuff. general impression i suppose is that the city is dominated by (a) dusty, red dirt (b) traffic (c) informal housing (for instance, next to last video) and (d) generic, semi-modernist housing towers. That more or less confirms the impression from satellite photography. The market in video 1 (I think — might be 2) is a nice exception.

    [video 1]
    those trees need to be in all our renderings (the ones with the fat bases). very distinctive.

    [video 2]
    any idea what we are looking at at 3:10 in the second video (edge of a plateau, apparently, but where? just outside the city? way outside the city?) dude has a killer fanny pack, though.

    [video 3]

    [video 4]
    so motorbike definitely is the way to get around town.

    [video 8]
    i wonder if this was shot by a european… great shots of the barrier islands, though.

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