Our project, Hydrating the Musseques (it’s a working title…) has been submitted to BRKT.org.

you can see it here in full:


A running list of things we’d like to change and/or add to the project by the time it goes to press if accepted:

1 collage of the musseques; showing net structure and water distribution as created with found materials in the context of the informal settlements.  In this rendering, we should also make sure and use the distinctive trees you noted from video1, and stick a motorbike in there.

2 phased net deployment / change in nets over time with multiple D3 plan diagrams

3 get deeper into the generative effects the infrastructure has on the city and its evolution; communities; etc

DONE 4 show a shift in colors on D7 to match text

5 overlay list of statistics on mussque image (also use updated formatting — in numerical order)

6 (?) change the formatting of the captions to look more like the early draft you sent, with select lower contrast colors and big block letters

7 lateral: flatspace style study of different net layouts (not D3 style distribution of net types, but plan drawings of experimental ways that the infrastructure is constructed.)  Should show net type (color), water distribution points (and estimated output at those points according to the m2 of net which drains to each point), and how different arrangements can create different sorts of urban spaces/organizations, and other as-yet-unimagined generative effects.

8 develop the most formal part of the infrastructure: the algae tubes/biodiesel plant/fog farming interface.  Perhaps I, the architect, even endeavor to design some sort of “building” (in all honesty, though, this feels more like an outdoor assembly which is well integrated into the urban campus than a stand-alone structre, even one which is centrally located and accessible).

9 overlay on ingombotas render to breakdown the differing functions/quantities of net systems

At this point, I’d also like to put the question out to our MASSIVE reader base, and farm some suggestions from you all: What sort of changes do you suggest?  What about the project is missing, or unclear?