or banishing the “beta.”, or diverting the discourse, or any of a number of cheesy alliterations from which you are free to choose.  The point being, mammoth v.1 is finally launched!  It’s just the bloggy side of things for now, where we will write about things like “extinct megafauna, the production of urban space through the manipulation of infrastructure, landscape processes, and tactical architectural interventions aimed at forestalling the arrival of our inevitably dystopian future and/or ushering in a new era of global harmony.”  GO: http://m.ammoth.us/blog/


We will keep this space open in much the same role it currently serves: a virtual studio which aids and abets Rob and I in our collaborative efforts.  It will birth many a future publication, competition entry, and design proposal.  But mammoth proper is where they will gestate, where their fundamental components will be formed.  So stick around and let us know when we’ve gone wrong, but read the new one too (this is why God invented RSS, after all).