June 25, 2009

Suggestion: what is interesting is not the generation of new typologies, but the new juxtaposition of old typologies demanded by working in cities with a great deal of existing momentum/static weight.

Another way of deciding what to do might be to decide what not to do.  Hence a catalog of uninteresting projects, fictional infrastructures that fail to advance the practice of urbanism.  These projects aren’t necessarily bad ideas, but hopefully thinking about what is uninteresting will help us discover what is interesting.

1. A new urbanist transit system

2. High-speed rail stations
A common theme between one and two: spoke and hub-type interventions.  Much more interesting than high-speed rail stations, for instance, might be high-speed rail factories.

1. vegetative homesteading
(further development of idea from baltimore comp)

2. kite power
(further development of idea from baltimore comp)


stephen: though a kite power infrastructure isnt a bad idea re: competition i always thought we could have developed that more and its phenomenal qualities give us a nice in if we decide to pursue that education vs entertainment angle its probably something to keep in mind
me: yes. it is.
stephen: if nothing else, it could make for a great opening set of maps like we had for fog farming its downside is that it isnt as accessible as fog farming was to the masses it requires probably a fairly substantial investment in an array of them, i dont see people stringing up their own kites like they might do with a windmill or something, or solar panels