Mammoth is how Stephen Becker and Rob Holmes are keeping track of various projects they are collaborating on, particularly a submission for Bracket.  All posts and pages you see here are very much under construction, as we consider this blog our digital workspace – so please forgive the unpolished nature of much of the content.  This work is ours, so please respect that (and please note creative commons license).  That said, we’re happy to receive comments, thoughts, contributions, or contradictions, and would be pleased if our work inspired your work (though we wouldn’t mind receiving some credit for that).

Mammoth is also a beta for a public blog/research outlet we intend to launch in early 2009, also by the name Mammoth (hence, betamammoth): for a sketch of topics we’d like to discuss, see here, for a sketch of what the site will contain, see here.  So if you find what we are doing intriguing, stick us in your rss reader and wait.

Creative Commons License

2 Responses to “ABOUT MAMMOTH”

  1. Stephen Becker said

    Man, these websites are awesome! I’m going to read and comment every day.

  2. bill petersen said

    Excellent submission to brkt. I hope it gets accepted and published. Keep up the good work

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