[just getting this started.  I’m thinking this page should hold design ideas as well as content outlines, but I haven’t sketched up any yet.]

3 main sections:

mammoth: blog / forum, regular posts discussing topics like these, and perhaps a news section.  This (hopefully!) will be a vibrant, public arena.

betamammoth: I suggest we continue to use betamammoth, either still hosted from wordpress/linked to from m.ammoth.us, or from our own host.  Betamammoth is quite useful as our virtual studio (indeed, because of distance there really isn’t another way for us to do it); and so far, I think the idea of leaving it open to the world for reading and commenting is sort of compelling.  We can always hide Top Secret Sensitive Competition Material, if we wish.  Thus, betamammoth becomes like a little voyeuristic viewing portal into a competition studio: better, one where viewers may shoot spitballs at and heckle us while we work.

mammoth (seed?) studio: Where the fruits of work cultivated in and harvested from betamammoth, and perhaps some from earlier, come to be displayed and critiqued.


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One Response to “M.AMMOTH.US: structure”

  1. […] seem to get enough of, our favorite new blog right now is Mammoth (not to be confused with betamammoth, though also a kinda cool site). Mammoth is slick new blog out of…well we’re really not […]

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