added 2008.11.19:

added 2008.11.20:
the in-between

added 2008.11.28
[I linked to a cool project he did using processing, instead of his homepage]

added 2008.12.02: [the important takeaway here is how he distinguishes between two categories of posts, the longform which receive titles, and the short, which don’t.]
lewism [minimalism]

added 2008.12.3
[because we will also eventually have a design studio / portfolio component to this, I think this is a helpful reference despite not being a blog.]

this is another direction: place all content on first screen, show only one top post at a time.  I lean away from it, but its something to consider.

5 Responses to “some nice looking blogs”

  1. Stephen Becker said

    take a good look around alan woo’s site – kid is sick wid it. He has some great projects, and serious talent.

  2. eatingbark said

    Added two new blog examples. I am fond of lewism’s, in particular.

  3. Stephen Becker said

    single column, that’s bold.

  4. eatingbark said

    Its about as minimalist as you can get, for sure.

  5. eatingbark said

    one more example. a different direction.

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