me: in light of our experience writing about bix box stores, it seems ony natural that we would do a post about repentant architects making up for “causing” the shipping container crisis by selflessly donating used up big box stores as massive future shipping systems
3:12 PM i see it as a maynard style project
3:14 PM there is a nice parallel between the two already, in that so much of what is sold in the stores is shipped in containers, and visa versa
3:15 PM maybe instead of containers, we just start mailing entire stores around the world.
  target running low on stock? ship it back and get a new one
3:17 PM of course, the extra costs of shipping an entire store would be offset by selling tourism packages. You just keep on shopping for weeks, as the store hits different ports of call all around the world restocking itself, before returning itself, and you, back home
 Rob: i think i know what target would ride on…
  (if you haven’t seen one of these, it is one of the few things in florida worth seeing in person)
3:18 PM a group of targets would presumably not be a convoy, but a herd
 me: yes!
  and they could be stacked, several high